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For over 30 years, Krig Research has been providing imaging, computer vision, and synthetic vision expertise, with complete solutions for clients ranging across a wide range of industries, world-wide. 

Krig Research provides complete engineering services for systems, hardware, and software. Complete software libraries or HW/FW/SW sub-systems can be built to order. Services are available to audit and profile existing systems, leading to performance optimizations and re-factoring.

Complete analysis of your patent portfolio and your competitors patent portfolio is our speciality, including patent generation services to strengthen your IP position. Also, deep-dives and competitive analysis of target technologies, products, and competitors market position is also available.

A free initial consultation is available on request.


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Engineering and intellectual property

To win your trust and confidence is priority #1. An ongoing business relationship and continued business are mutually beneficial, so every effort is made to understand your requirements and provide the best possible solution within your project parameters.


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